In this study, the researchers received about 700 surveys from Athletic Trainers about their perceptions of psychological services. The researchers found three main predictors of an athletic trainer recommending sport psychological services. They included the availability of the services, previous positive interactions, and previous encouragement to use the services. Moreover, the perceived benefits of the psychological services were as follows. Managing anxiety, dealing with personal issues, improving coping techniques, achieving confidence in returning to their sport, managing emotions, building confidence, and dealing with pressure. Interestingly more female athletic trainers had an increased perceived benefit of better communication with coaches, teammates, managing emotions during rehab, pain management, etc. Furthermore, AT’s willingness to recommend an athlete to seek out these services had an increased perception of their benefit.


The implications of this research see how willing AT’s are to recommend the athletes seek out such services. The importance of athletic trainers play in mental health monitoring of athletes is one that next to no other health care provider has within the allied health provider field. Knowing what resources are available and when to recommend an athlete to seek out these types of services is key in preparing young people to be able to cope with the difficulties of life and sport.

You can find this research article in full here.

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