Age differences in athletes and concussions

In a research study published in the Journal of Athletic Training Titled “Age Differences in Recovery After Sport-Related Concussion: A Comparison of High School and Collegiate Athletes” researchers found that age isn’t a factor in recovering from a concussion.

The researchers specifically found that between high school and college students there wasn’t a change in recovery times. However, the researchers looked at data from 1999-2003 which may have impacted the diagnosis of concussion. Furthermore, this study’s participants were 87% male which also could have had a significant impact on the results because it may not be representative of the athletic population.

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Images ©National Athletic Trainers’ Association, Inc

Despite the possible biased and aged data, the results of this research did yield some interesting results.

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This research did show that that the groups had similar symptom resolution times and they did point out that separate return to play/ return to learn may not be needed because the resolution times are similar. However, to counter the author’s argument it may be necessary to have different return to learn protocols for college and high school-aged athletes. One reason for the different protocols is the level of independence and the development of time management skills that both groups possess.

You can read more here.

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